@rickyross2332 Instagram Profile 5:02 AM Jan 12, 2018

Sucks I can’t get my hands on a single 1080ti...... hopefully you guys will up the production without making my wallet hurt more @teamevga

@ryuukuchiha Instagram Profile 5:15 AM Jan 12, 2018

I have so much evga stuff but have never been shown any love for it man makes me sad

@ryuukuchiha Instagram Profile 5:15 AM Jan 12, 2018

I'll have to post all the evga stuff I have water cooled build and stuff

@whiteweding1 Instagram Profile 5:26 AM Jan 12, 2018

I just hope @teamevga pulls something like @amd where they make something super badass for cheap like the new processors they're about to put out.

@d.wehayguh Instagram Profile 5:50 AM Jan 12, 2018

Estimate in release date for keyboard? And is there RGB variant?

@its_blados Instagram Profile 6:42 AM Jan 12, 2018

A LCD panel on a keyboard, haven't seen one of those since the mighty g15

@timmytiim Instagram Profile 6:59 AM Jan 12, 2018

*gets gtx 1080 ti to play pubs at med settings*

@tristangallo Instagram Profile 7:33 AM Jan 12, 2018

When is the Kingpin Hydro slated to come out?

@nerdzruleearth Instagram Profile 8:17 AM Jan 12, 2018

A close up look, is the closest I'm going to get to that. 😭

@themajod Instagram Profile 10:13 AM Jan 12, 2018

Honestly those volume sliders are a mistake, because you can change between audio outputs and those have different volumes

@noah.petrilli Instagram Profile 10:20 AM Jan 12, 2018

ME: How did you afford that?? YOU: I sold the rest of my pc

@lokijje Instagram Profile 12:58 AM Jan 13, 2018

Oh good a 1500$ video card that’s 15% or so faster then a 800$ one... wish I had that kind of money to burn!

@uhmhelloco Instagram Profile 2:20 AM Jan 13, 2018

Allll the goodies 😻 CES this year is just candy.

@gmenasco Instagram Profile 5:01 AM Jan 13, 2018

Man I just got a new keyboard too. Everyone's gunna ask why I've got 3 100$ keyboards just laying around

@redspeedblnz Instagram Profile 5:02 AM Jan 13, 2018

I'm sorry to say this looks a lot like one of the older Logitech keyboards.

@snowy._.chan Instagram Profile 5:32 AM Jan 13, 2018

Why does this look uglyer then my (evga 1050ti) no lie

@dimonstark Instagram Profile 12:00 PM Jan 13, 2018

i wanna cry, that is awesome, i want it

@gbaggio21 Instagram Profile 6:59 PM Jan 13, 2018

Sorry where is the availability of 1060 ?