@gigpiglet Instagram Profile 9:30 AM Jan 13, 2018

Yeah man we have 6 of them. Best machines

@karljonaswijk Instagram Profile 3:36 PM Jan 13, 2018

Same here. Mac pro 1.1, 34 gb ram, 3,5 TB storage

@itsaxm Instagram Profile 4:09 PM Jan 13, 2018

Might have to snatch one up

@humble_progress Instagram Profile 7:33 PM Jan 13, 2018

@primecutstudio lol I knew it’d take you forever 😂. The absolute worse part of buying a new computer for audio guys is the reinstallation.

@gigpiglet Instagram Profile 9:54 PM Jan 13, 2018

Yes 6! And two mac minis and two iMacs. :-)

@ingafstudio Instagram Profile 8:32 PM Jan 19, 2018

Hell yeah, still rocking my 12core Xeon. 64gb ram, hdd for days. Recently just installed some NVME PCIE drives, new RX580 (8gb) & USB 3... these machines were built to last and to upgrade!!

@mixedbyrey Instagram Profile 7:40 PM Feb 17, 2018

I know blackbird got trashcans with sonnets!