@empath7 Instagram Profile 7:12 AM Jan 16, 2018

So sharp yet so stoned . Couldn't have been that astute if drunk .. Wake up and live

@down_town1986 Instagram Profile 10:22 PM Jan 16, 2018

Hey...so many tears...please think bout Dear Bob marley...LOVE AND PEACE...💔😯

@dionny3658 Instagram Profile 11:07 PM Jan 18, 2018

Omg omg ngg you ngg ☝☝☝☝😎🙏😎🙏😎🙏☝😎🙏😎☝🙏😭😂😭😎☝🙏😭😂😎😭💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

@kinyuakiptoo Instagram Profile 11:26 AM Jan 19, 2018

I am convinced The Man got Bob sick and killed him

@veronika_916 Instagram Profile 9:42 PM Jan 20, 2018

Bob was visionary, if I could spend an hour with anybody who passed away it would be him

@tex.cv Instagram Profile 5:28 AM Feb 4, 2018

Whats the song in the background?